Latest Projects

This page is dedicated to my recent photoshoots and projects, including my work in the film and television industry.

In July 2021, I worked on the Dorset Opera Festival as a part of the Hair and Makeup Department. The Festival consisted of three different shows: Don Giovanni, Così fan tutte and Acis and Galatea. An important part of the Festival was the styling and application of wigs and hair pieces, some of which had to be applied in quick-changes mid-performance. As well as wigs, I also had to apply different accessories, such as the hair comb and veil in the picture to the right, which required quick and careful pinning to ensure the lace wig was protected and the style maintained.

The Gibson Girl was a popular style of the Edwardian era. After setting my model’s hair in rollers, it was important to backcomb the hair at the roots in order to create the hairstyle’s signature lift and volume. The ends, however, were left untouched so that I could assemble the soft mass of curls at the crown.

Victory Rolls were an iconic look of the 1940s. For this shoot, the model’s hair was set in rollers before the roots were backcombed to create a continuous roll around the head. While many of the time used padding to create the shape and structure of the hairstyle, my model’s hair was long enough to do without. The look was then completed with the signature red lip of the ’40s.

In May 2021, I was hired as Hair and Makeup Designer for the biographical short film, DC & Nicole. Set in the 90s, the film follows the story of Dark Cloud’s life. As a result, I was presented with the challenge of de-aging DC through the use of makeup and light prosthetics.

For this shoot, I collaborated with a local photography group, having been given the brief of punk/graffiti. Knowing that the shoot would take place in an abandoned factory, I wanted the makeup to be both colourful as well as ‘messy’ in order to reflect the dilapidated setting. Despite this, the makeup still called for precise line-work to carry out the graffiti body art. I further echoed the graffiti in my costume, carefully hand-painting my jeans to ensure both the look and the setting tied together.

In May, 2021, I was hired as Lead Hair and Makeup Artist for Bath Theatre Academy’s production of Nora: A Doll’s House at The Egg in Bath. For this project, I worked on multiple actors where I had to recreate historically accurate looks that corresponded with the play’s various timelines. In order to adhere to the strict pre-performance time schedule, I directed the actors on how to apply their makeup while I primarily worked on the different hairstyles. It was essential to stay organised as well as carefully monitor the actors’ makeup application and leave time for check-ups.

In November 2020, I was hired as the Hair and Makeup Designer for the short film, Ash of the Cacodemon. As well as working on the lead actress, I designed and created extensive prosthetics for the demon character, including flat-moulds, horns and pointed ears. During filming, I had to strictly organise my time between prosthetic application and my on-set duties, which often required me to create ad hoc special effects, such as burns and wound FX.

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